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Who is René Slot:
René Slot (M.D.) is a doctor of Integrative Medicine and a former Family Physician. He has a broad experience in regular and complementary medicine (CAM: Complementary and Alternative Medicine), which he applies in his practice in the form of Integrative Medicine.
Consultations in the Netherlands mostly in Deventer, also in Arnhem. Also consultations for patients abroad by means of skype or facetime.
René Slot is the medical director and owner of the Paracelsus Medisch Centrum, the Paracelsus Medical Center in Deventer, the Netherlands.

Currently he’s writing a book about will-issues, called: The Will is an Arrow, which will be published (first of all in Dutch) in 2019.
He specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, fatigue, psychosomatic medicine, food allergy (IgG), health and development issues in children.

He is the developer of the PLID-diet, the Paracelsus Low Insulin Diet. This is a combination of health and dietary coaching, high quality meal replacements, blood tests (cholesterol and glucose), supported by a book with the theory of the PLID diet and a workbook. Results are very promising: health improvement (lower bloodpressure, reduction of waist size with 10-15 cm, reduction of medication (statin, antihypertensives, diabetes medication (insulin and tablets). fat loss of 10-15 kg all in 3 months.

What is the Paracelsus Medical Centre
The Paracelsus Medisch Centrum (Paracelsus Medical Centre) in Deventer, the Netherlands, is a medical center based on integrative medicine, the integration of regular, medical knowledge with insights derived from complementary and alternative medicine.

Mission of this center is the improvement of health and personal autonomy of the patient, by means of a good medical diagnosis, discussion of the results of tests, providing a treatment plan, based on lifestyle advice, natural medication and supplements, dietary treatment (obesity and food allergy or intolerance).

The medical staff works together to treat patients with a broad perspective:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of physical health issues (body).
  • Improvement of health, vitality and lifestyle (energy).
  • Guidance of patients in the area of emotional and psychological issues, coping mechanisms (stress, fears, trauma, etc.) (emotional).
  • Coaching based on the book of René Slot “The Will is an Arrow”, including personal growth and development, goal orientation (development).


Health programs

The PLID® program is a diet program developed by René Slot: the Paracelsus Low Insulin Diet. It is an integrated diet program which consists of a theory book, a workbook, meal replacements, medical checkups, laboratory tests (cholesterol, glucose) en personal coaching.
This program is also effective for patients, suffering from diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, etc., when authorized by their physician.
Medical professionals – Family physicians, Plastic surgeons for example – refer their patients to this PLID® program.
Results are very promising: fatloss (measured by Bio Impedance Analysis) of 10-15 kg in 3 months, medication reduction (antihypertensives, insulin and oral antidiabetic drugs, statins).


Book: The Will is an Arrow®

Starting January 2013
The book by René Slot “The Will is an Arrow” will be published in Dutch in 2019 (De Wil is een Pijl®).
It is based on a new vision on the Will. It discusses the role of willpower, experiencing Flow, discovering what you really want in life, not caught in fears and lust. It concerns development of a personal will, clarification of the processes of thinking, feeling and willing. Coping strategies concerning anxiety, worrying, discovering personal strengths, self encouragement, getting to action. The book “The Will is an Arrow” is the basis of the personal coaching program he developed and courses on the will.